2021 GPC Federal Council Candidate Survey – Darcie Lanthier

Heartwood sent each of the 2021 Green Party of Canada Federal Council candidates a questionnaire asking them to introduce themselves, share their vision for the Party, and their thoughts on a potential imminent 2021 election and the ongoing internal Party conflict.

Here is PEI Representative candidate Darcie Lanthier's response.


  1. What would you like the members to know about you?
  2. What is your history of involvement in Canadian Green Parties?
  3. Why are you running for Federal Council, and why this position?
  4. Why should the members vote for you?

I am a deep green social justice activist and advocate with over a decade of involvement at every level of the federal and provincial Greens. In 2019, I was a top ten federal candidate and in 2015 a top three provincial candidate. My bio is on the GPC Website.

I’m willing to do the work and I have experience working on a successful and productive Federal Council where the focus is always ‘to elect more Green MP’s’.

Why should the members vote for me? Because they know I won’t let them down.

Your Vision

  1. What is your vision for the Green Party of Canada?
  2. What are your values around inclusion, diversity and equity?
  3. What are your values around collaboration, finding common ground, and working through conflict as a hopeful member of FC?

The Green Party of Canada should be leading all the other parties, not just with progressive ideas and policies but as an example of how to get along and work together to accomplish what needs to be done.

We cannot solve problems like climate change or poverty without addressing equity, diversity and inclusion. In Charlottetown, we ran the most inclusive and diverse campaign possible ensuring that all were represented at the decision making table.

Our Party will collapse if we cannot collaborate and find common ground.

The (possible) 2021 Federal Election

  1. What are your key priorities for the 2021 National Federal Election?
  2. What are your key priorities for repairing the culture and operations of the Green Party of Canada in 2021?
  3. Given that the Party has decided not to hire a National Campaign Manager for the next election if elected, would you want to revisit that decision? If you think that decision was correct, what changes to the role of the Fund, ED, and Council compared to past elections would not having a campaign manager necessitate?

If there is a 2021 Election we are astoundingly unprepared. The new Council could be taking office during the writ period and just days before an unnecessarily delayed BGM (It was scheduled for October 2020).

I am hopeful that Green Members will elect a Federal Council that works through consensus and focuses on our top priority, electing Green MP’s.

Having served on the Finance Committee for four years, two of those as Chair I have a very good understanding of where the party needs to be financially in order to run a National Campaign. I have not seen the Budget for 2021, neither have I heard anything of the strategic planning required to build an election campaign.

An experienced National Campaign Manager is essential because our Leader is new, the Federal Council is mostly inexperienced and we’ve lost not just our experienced Executive Director but also several other Directors since 2019.

My main concern is the lack of time, why were these Council Elections not held in March?

Current GPC Conflict

  1. Given the ongoing and public rifts in the GPC and the high number of vacant and appointed positions, do you believe that the current Council should delay significant decisions until the candidates in this Council election are seated on the board?

Designed to ensure stability, under normal conditions only half of the Federal Council would be up for election but the current situation is nothing close to normal. This Federal Council has no credibility left, a new one should have been sworn in last May.