Dave Bagler

Dave lives in Ottawa–Centre with his wife—Katie, their two kids—Ben and Ellie.

Dave started and ran a software development business before joining the City of Ottawa two years ago to lead their public-facing web team. Dave has a passion for digitizing government services and accessibility.

In 2006, Dave joined the Green Party of Canada during the Federal Election. He volunteered with the party later that year when he worked on Elizabeth May’s by-election campaign in London North Centre.

After the by-election campaign, Dave spent a few years working on building the Young Greens, the youth wing of the party, and working on campaigns whenever he had the opportunity.

In 2008, Dave moved to Ottawa, where Katie was finishing her Ph.D. There, Dave joined the EDA, provincial CA and the board of his community association–Action Sandy Hill (ASH). During that time, Dave started a door-to-door food drive for the Ottawa Food Bank. For their work, ASH recognized Dave and Katie as Sandy Hill volunteers of the year.

In 2011, Dave ran for office in Ottawa–Vanier for the Green Party of Ontario. It was a fantastic experience. Dave learned an incredible amount about campaigning, and his winning debate performances gave Dave the confidence to start his own business.

As a business owner, Dave was responsible for all aspects of the operation, including regulatory compliance and financial management.

Dave ran for office in Ottawa–Vanier for the second time in 2014. Once again, it was a fantastic experience. Dave learned many lessons about canvassing and getting-out-the-vote (GTOV) that he’s since applied in successful GOTV campaigns.

2015 was a big year for Dave. He started the year as the interim president of the Federal Council and was later elected president. He also realized that he could be more effective in helping Green campaigns by focusing on GOTV, advance-polls and Election Day.

Dave helped with Peter Bevan-Baker’s breakthrough campaign in May. While he was in PEI, Katie discovered their dream house in the Ottawa neighbourhood of Centretown. In July, Katie and Dave married and bought their home. That summer, they found out they were expecting Ben!

Since 2015, Dave has focused on helping campaigns in BC, PEI and Ontario run better canvassing programs, advanced-poll campaigns and GOTV efforts.