We have to make Green matter in the hearts of Canadians

Let’s not talk about science. I mean, we could. The Planet can’t tolerate crossing the two-degree threshold. We can’t exceed 350 parts per million of… Species extinction is real… But wasn’t it a nice day today?

Sunshine and a cool little breeze to take the edge off. True, the planet is on fire, and of course, I believe in climate change, but what on earth can I do about it? I can't wrap my arms around something as amorphous as climate change. I want to; I just can’t.

Let’s not talk about science; let’s talk about the community we want to live in—the one where our children can play without fear of being hit by a car. Where there is a corner store and local business has a fighting chance. Where the burden of climate responsibility shifts to those that create the playing field we live in.

Let’s talk about values, about the moral cost of our war on nature. Greens must speak from their hearts to the yearning, so many Canadians have to live a meaningful and morally responsible life. We must turn self-interest on its head. We must fight for our children not just in dollars but in health, in the neighbourhoods we live in, the compassion with which we see our fellow Canadians and in our relationship to this gift we share called Earth.

Don’t misunderstand; I have lived in the world of retail politics, and I know that we must communicate a strong value proposition to get the votes needed for real change. But before we do that, it is gut-check time. We have to make Green matter in the hearts, not just the minds of Canadians. Then we can move to the catchy slogan stuff.